How does meet'n'learn work?

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I am a tutor

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Find tutors in your area

Contact tutors directly on their profile

You can find experienced tutors easily by using the search box. If a profile seems interesting, you can contact the tutor directly using the contact form on their profile.

Register quickly

You can register super quickly using social networks or traditionally using email and password. You can start a conversation with a tutor directly from his / her profile in no time.

It is for free!

As a student meet'n'learn is free for you. You can search, find and contact tutors completely for free. Price and payment of the tutoring lesson is between you and the tutor.
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Frequently asked questions from students and parents

I did not get any replies from tutors so far. What should I do?

Don't worry! Just post a public request and reach a great number of tutors in your area. Interested tutors will get back to you. Just click "+ create request" and fill in the form. Save time and nerves and let tutors find you.

Do tutors get my contact information directly?

No. Your contact details are safe and can't be seen by tutors or others. It solely is for security reasons.

Are there online-lessons on meet'n'learn?

Yes. A great variety of tutors offers tutoring lessons via Skype and other video-chat and online-solutions. You can easily filter in the search for "tutoring via Skype / online" and there you'll find just what you're looking for.

Share your knowledge and earn money doing that

Create your profile - for free

The registration on meet'n'learn is for free. Create your profile as a tutor with all the subjects you offer in the city you offer tutoring lessons at. With a nice picture of you and a personal text the foundation for a good first impression for students and parents is set.

Find new students

Students and parents looking for tutors can find you now in the search results of meet'n'learn. They will send you direct requests for tutoring lessons using the contact form on your profile. In addition to the direct requests you will get public requests as well, which were posted publicly or declined by other tutors. That way your chances of finding a new students highly increase.

Built a good reputation

With a quality profile you won't be lacking new students. Answer students' questions and let them know about your work. Convince them you are the right choice.

With an activated package, you can reach out to students right away and communicate without any limits or fees.
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Frequently asked questions of tutors

How do I find new students?

We'll give you a couple of good tips on how to communicate with students and improve your profile. We're almost sure here that if you try, the results will come. If you have any difficulties, we'd love to talk so that we can find a way to your success together.

How do we get in contact with each other?

When a student contacts you via the portal, we'll notify you, so that you can get back to the student. Some of the students are more demanding and are impatiently waiting for your response. Your chances are increasing by answering fast.

Why do I have to pay to unlock requests?

Only a small fee is charged, for all the services and possibility to communicate with students. Thanks to this we're able to run the portal and be fully focused on making it better for you. With and active package you can communicate with students without any limits. When working efficiently, your investment can pay back in hundreds of percents.