Become a tutor on with meet'n'learn

Give tutoring lessons on meet'n'learn

At meet'n'learn you can register completely for free and non binding. In just 3 minutes you can create your own profile as a tutor and offer your tutoring lessons. Parents and students in your area can find you and directly send you requests for tutoring lessons without having to register.

Work under your own conditions

We are not setting you specifications on what price to charge for your tutoring lessons. Set the price you want as well as time and place of your preference. You can give tutoring lessons at home, at the students place, outside in a cafe or even online over the internet. It is up to your own preferences.

earn extra money

As soon as you get a new student, it's up to you how much you want to earn. You get 100% of the pay for the tutoring lesson. We only charge a fair flatrate-package. No commission. You do not need to pay until we deliver you a student. But with an active package your profile will get an extra boost.